Assorted Uploads

December 30, 2010

A reader requested a template for rainbow shrinkle keyrings.

Rainbow shrinkle keyrings

Small Mexican God’s Eyes can make beautiful Christmas tree decorations.

Mexican God's Eye

Why not try making this yummy snowman cake?

Snowman cake

A team based Father Christmas Running Game

father christmas running game

Other Christmas games can be downloaded from:


The rainbows had a meeting themed around the Surin Elephant Parade in Thailand. Here are two of the activities we did…

Elephant Mask
Elephant Masks

Elephant parade
Decorated Elephants for our own Elephant Parade

One of the suggested activities in the Orient Express Challenge is making a Krakow Christmas Crib. For those who don’t have the time or inclination to make a 3D version, here is a 2D picture and a picture to colour…

Krakow Christmas Crib Krakow Christmas Crib
Krakow Christmas Crib to cut and stick
Krakow Christmas Crib to colour

For all elephant themed activities visit:
For all Christmas themed activities visit (currently 4 pages):

At the beginning of November my brownie meeting had a Mexican Day of the Dead theme. Here are links to some of the activities we did:

Dancing skeleton puppet

Dancing Skeleton Puppet

Decorated Sugar Skull

Decorated Sugar Skull

Painted Skulls Painted Skulls

Painted Skulls

Lolly Pop Ghost

Lolly Pop Ghost

These and other Halloween activities can be found here: Halloween.

Colouring rice

Nothing to do with the Day of the Dead but I’ve also uploaded instructions for colouring rice.

Orient Express Challenge

October 27, 2010

Between Guiding centenary events, pack holidays, and my first brownie camp I’ve not had a chance to upload anything new to ideas4kids for a while. The good news is that I have piles of things waiting to be typed up as soon as I get a bit of a break, including several wide games. But in the meantime…

The Orient Express Challenge was designed by guiders on ‘Guiding Beyond Boundaries‘. It’s based around the destination cities of the Venice-Simplon Orient Express; Krakow (Poland), Prague (the Czech Republic), Istanbul (Turkey), Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria), Rome and Venice (Italy), London (UK), and Paris (France).

Orient Express Challenge Badge

I’ve put together a colour booklet explaining the challenge and had badges made up. (They are pretty honestly – the photo doesn’t show them off to their best. The gold is a metallic thread and sparkles really nicely in the light.) Visit ideas4kids to download the booklet. Over the next few months lots of craft templates, games and information sheets will be added to help support the challenge. An order form for badges will also appear in due course. If you need badges before then, just contact me on and I’ll sort something out for you.

This term my brownies have had a visit from a brownie from South Africa and we have sent our mascot off to visit a unit in Australia. We have therefore been making SWAPS for our guiding friends.

Rainbow, brownie and guide dolls

Pipe cleaner brownies guides rainbows

Brownie tags
brownie tags for mobile phones, key chains, SWAPS etc

Flag pin badges
flag safety pin badges

Promise fridge magnet

Promise fridge magnet

For details of how to make all our SWAPS visit:

In six time the brownies also had the choice of making these cheerful looking paper flowers.

Paper Daisies and Dandelions
Daisy and Dandelion paper flowers

For more flower themed activities visit:

Space Themes

March 30, 2010

Here are the placemats and coasters my brownies made for their space themed dinner party…

Space Coasters

Space coasters

Space Placemats

Saturn Placemats

And this is an activity we’ve enjoyed several times in the past…

Constellation Telescope

Constellation Telescope

For all space themed activities visit:

Mardi Gras Update

March 27, 2010

Another 2 Mardi Gras themed activities…

Simple masks


Woven bracelet

Woven bracelet

Individual King Cakes

Individual King Cakes

For all Mardi Gras activities visit: Gras

Easter Crafts

March 25, 2010

Fancy making an egg cosy ready for Easter? Click on the links for detailed instructions and templates.

Chick Egg Cosy

Chick egg cosy

A simple sewing project for beginners.

Hen Egg Cosy

Hen egg cosy

A more complex project, still using simple stitches.

And in honour of our Australian friends, a cut and stick Easter Bilby card

Easter Bilby card

For all our Easter themed crafts visit:
For all our Australian themed crafts visit:

Space napkin holders
Space themed napkin or serviette holders

Space napkin holders
Saturn table decoration

One World, One Beat

March 21, 2010

Four junk instruments:

Paperclip rainstick
Paper plate shaker

Paperclip rainstick
Beaded clacker

Paperclip rainstick
Bottletop castanets

Paperclip rainstick
Paperclip rainstick

colouring picture and wordsearch

Music around the world colouring picture

Music around the world wordsearch

For all music themed activities visit: